Pickleville Coming Soon!

Pickleville Founded!

On Friday, Feb 23, three PoP members (Kelly Smith, Kevin Kuban and Lee Martin), signed a long-term lease on a 29,000 sq. ft., climate-controlled facility located at 2639 Topside Rd in Louisville, TN south off exit 9 of Pellissippi Parkway.  The volleyball facility will be converted to 8 indoor pickleball courts including locker rooms, pro shop, 2000 sq. ft. community/observation terrace, 2 warm-up ½ courts, 2 outdoor “sandy-pickle” courts, and ample parking.  We anticipate taking the next two months to resurface the courts, update the pro shop and prepare the Pickleville member support systems to open in early summer.  Pickleville and PoP will work cooperatively to expand great indoor playing opportunities for the PoP membership and players in the Maryville/Knoxville region.

What it means to PoP members: PoP is subleasing 2 courts inside Pickleville that will be included in the current PoP version of Court Reserve.  At no additional membership charge, all PoP members will be able to access these courts for block-times, clinics and round robins exactly like they currently do giving PoP 50% more indoor capacity to address current indoor overcrowding at PoP.  The additional Pickleville courts (6 more indoors, 2 sandy-pickle courts outdoors) and Pickleville event programming will be set up on a Pickleville version of Court Reserve and can be accessed by PoP members for a reasonable second membership fee of $19/mo for individuals ($29/mo for families).

Stay tuned for more details of the grand opening as the conversion process progresses.