Knoxville Pickleball League Champions

Congrats to all of our winners of the inaugural season of the Knoxville Pickleball League!  We’re already looking forward to next season which will be played in the Spring of 2024.

3.0-3.5 Silver Medal

Team Name: The Real Dill
Randy Campbell
Jennifer Campbell
Maggie Whitt
Justin Whitt

3.0-3.5 Gold Medal

Team Name: Day Dinkers
Tom Redmond
Norman Block
Becky Haynes
Juanita Reyes
Mike Smith

3.5-4.0 Bronze Medal

Team Name: Big Shots
Karyn Kaina
Gina Ciarelli
Elizabeth Anderson
Dan Anderson
Pat Hopper
Ryan Halloran

3.5-4.0 Silver Medal

Team Name: Knoxers
Teran Moon
Alex Parrot
Mickey Napier
George Meng
Lindsey Farni
Amos Blakeman (not pictured)

3.5-4.0 Gold Medal

Team Name: Not So Nasty Nelsons
Ryan Siler
Caitlin Hollifield
Trevor Martin
Elle Nelson
Matthew Turvin (not Pictured)

4.0-4.5 Silver Medal

Team Name: Dinking Buddies
Carl Carleton
Emery Tumulty
Chuck Noon
Mark Norstedt
Jay Witherspoon

4.0-4.5 Gold Medal

Team Name: Dink Squad
Mike Smith
Cory Gerlach
Chris Groer
Lee Martin
Greg Adkins